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Today, I try to write an article in English in my tistory blog. 

I think my English skill is not good and my English expression is also not good.

However one of my dreams was to write article in English. So I have decided to practice writing article in English today. 

So Please understand my English expression.

Last month, I started to study Ansible. Because I want to provide high quality service when I deploy OpenStack or CloudForms to customer's DataCenter. Actually, I don't like to work same process like provision instance, configure development environment and set up basic system configuring. 

Almost during 2 weeks, I had studied Ansible alone through online learning system. At that time, I didn't understand about ansible functions, how to develop playbook and playbook's programming rule. anyway, I just studied Ansible continue.

At 3rd week of April, I went to Beijing, China Red Hat office for Ansible training. 

All trainees were man, All trainees were Chinese. and Trainer was a man also. Woman was only me.

At first day, I couldn't understand trainer's words. So second day, I moved my seat near the trainer. And I tried to listen his voice and looked his class materials. I started to understand his words and I started to interest the class. And I studied how to develop playbook and how to use ansible and ansible tower through his class materials.

As soon as came back Korea office, I needed to prepare first Ansible job for a weekend. Next Monday, I deployed Ansible and Ansible Tower to customer's server. After came back home, I developed Ansible playbook till late night. It was about baremetal OS provisioning using cobbler and Ansible. While I worked with Ansible, I have liked Ansible more. I fell into Ansible's attractiveness. Because Ansible can make automate numerous repetitive tasks. This is my github site that have my playbook codes. You can refer the url.

If I have any opportunity, I will try to describe my Ansible codes. 

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