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Hello my friends that visit my blog. 

How was your Christmas holiday? In my case, I enjoyed that day with my daughter and husband. We had delicious food and watched movie "Aqua Man" in 4D theater. And we took some picture with Christmas tree. This Christmas was really wonderful day.

Today, I thought that I want to look back my life of this year and to post about this year's my story in English for my foreign friends. Because I want what my English writing skill upgrade. 

In this year, I was a lot of work. Dream that I wanted in this year was accomplished great. 

I wanted to post my story about work and technical in English at this blog. so I started to write episode about my Ansible training. First my posting was not good. I didn't knew how to express in English well. So my English sentence was not good. However, I was my best. I think this express still is not good. But If I try and try to express in English, I believe my English skill will improved.  

Below articles are my English postings.

After writing my Ansible training episodes, I had a opportunity about presenting my ansible story with openstack at Open Infra Days Korea 2018 event.

For I prepare presentation slides, I made test environment in my notebook computer. I installed KVM hypervisor in my rhel notebook. And, I created vm for installing Ansible tower. After installing Ansible tower, I developed playbooks for installing gitlab. I uploaded my playbook sources to gitlab that installed by ansible tower. So I completed Ansible environment for test.

And then I made small Openstack environment on KVM. It was small controller node 1ea, small compute node 1ea. 

When many people built Openstack, they did Openstack function test a lot. It is iterative work. So I developed playbook for iterative work and I executed job templates a lot for presentation demo.

And I made presentation slides. My presentation of Open Infra Days Korea 2018 event was so nice. Many people attended to my sessions. Of course, the language was Korean. But I wanted to share my presentation episode to my friends. So I changed my presentation's language from Korean to English. And I posted it to my blog. Below is the posting.

As soon as finish the event, I went to Gwangju for working Openstack NFV project. And I worked hard for 5 months. I really learned a lot of things through the project. 

Um... at the September, I attended at Red Hat Tech Exchange 2018 APAC as a speaker. While I prepare the presentation, I had to work a lot. Also I had to made presentation slide and I had to practice presentation in English. It was presentation review day. At the day, I was forgetting this. Because I was training about openstack to my client. APEC manager was angry a lot because me. Anyway I made a plan for presentation reviw with apec manager and my manager. My presentation review was a successful.

How was real my presentation?

Of course, It was a successful. Many people attended my session. So many people sent cheering and clapping to me. I was so happy. 

Looking back on 2018, I want to thank to my supporters. So I prepared small gifts. I started to give the gift with a letter.

I have new plans of new year. I want to improve my technical skill, English skill and communication skill. And I want to share my experience about technical to many people in the world.

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