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Hello, Friends


I attended OpenStack Korea User Group small meetup yesterday. So I shared about how to operate containerized openstack in Korean. I wanted to share it in English for OpenStack Vietnam User Group members.


Nowadays, most OpenStack environment is transferring from packages to containers. So we can use various environments like baremetal, virtual machines and containers. And there are deployment services a lot. Among many depolyment services I usally use TripleO. TripleO meanning is OpenStack on Openstack. This is to use OpenStack for installing OpenStack. Undercloud is for deploying OpenStack. Overcloud is for providing OpenStack service to users(clients or customers).  If Undercloud install OpenStack on Overcloud, controller node's all services are deployed containers. And compute's all agents also are deployed containers.



So I thought about What's the difference between containers and packages? How do I configure OpenStack configuration on OpenStack containers environment? How do I operate it? 


So I wanted to share about these my questions. Because we can modify service configuration through edit service's conf files in the packages environment. But in the containers environment, we can't modify service configurations. After I modify configuration inside container, container's status will be initalized if container restart.


Containers can share specific directory with host system. So we can modify OpenStack service's configurations through shared specific directory between container and host. And we can see OpenStack service's logs through shared specific directory between container and host also. And we can control containers by docker cli commands.


If you have any questions, please send me mail.

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    Thank you for posting in English. It is very interesting!

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