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Hello, everyone~!!

How was your day? In my case, I went to Gwangju for OpenStack with NFV Project last Sunday. At that time, it was rain a lot. So I used train. In that day, I contracted small apartment to stay Gwangju for 5 months. I will stay here for 5 months from now.

And I have an episode one more. Last Thursday, OpenStack Korea User Group held "OpenInfra Days Korea 2018" event with OpenStack Foundation, CNCF Foundation and other technical communities during 2 days.

So many people attended to the event. And, many companies attended and supported also. So I was delighted to meet people who is I know. 

The First day, I presented about OpenStack Automation with Ansible. Many people attended to my presentation. So I would like to post about my presentation in this time. 

Actually, I made that the original presentation material's language is Korean. But I want to post in English. So I translated language from Korean to English like below slide.  


The agenda that I prepared is like following.

- Work Life of IT Engineer

- Cloud! OpenStack!

- Not Easy! Iterative Work!

- Automation for Iterative Work

- What is Ansible?

- OpenStack Automation with Ansible

Before I speak about Automation with Ansible, I wanted to look about IT engineer's work life. Today's IT engineers have to know about lots of technologies like infrastructures, OS, program languages and various development tools. So They need to work hard. and they try to solve the faced problems again and again.

Nowadays, many IT engineers have to know about cloud computing technical. 

Cloud computing technical started by Amazon Web Services before 10 years ago. And OpenStack started by NASA and Rackspace at June, 2010 as IaaS. A few years ago, open source cloud compute projects were like apache cloudstack, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus and OpenStack. But Now famous public cloud services are Google cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service. And the OpenStack became famous private cloud service.

Many companies are introduced OpenStack for their private cloud. And operators are operating OpenStack.  But they have to work iterative tasks every time. 

Let us see case about IT process! 

1. General department users requested to create instance

2. Operation team reviewed the request.

3. Operator create project and user account.

4. Operator create network

5. Operator create flavor

6. Operator create security group

7. Operator create ssh key-pair

8. Operator create instance

9. Operator associate floating ip to instance

They have to work above iterative task every time or frequently.  How do we exit from iterative work? I think the answer is to make automation. Popular automation methods are OpenStack Heat and Ansible.

Ansible is IT automation tool. It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks.


so How do I make OpenStack automation using Ansible?

First, we need to prepare OpenStack environment like git repository, ansible, ansible tower, openstack director, controller and compute nodes. And then we will design roughly process for automation. After finish to design process, we need to design playbook roles architecture and detailed role process like below.

- Register Glance Image

- Creating network

- Creating SSH key

- Create Security Group

- Create Flavor

- Create Instance

After finish role process design, we have to develop playbook refer to ansible document. 

And we push ansible playbook of your local directory to git repository. And You create a project using git authentication in your andible tower web UI. You create job template from projects. After create job template, you click rocket icon button for executing playbook.

Finally, I want to show the some photos of OpenInfra Days Korea 2018 event. I was happy because I could attend to the event and I could enjoy to the event. I will remember the days for a long time.

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