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English2012.02.01 17:16

My real name is Jang Hyun Joung. Jang is my family name. Hyun Joung are my given names.
but My nick name is nalee. Please call me "Nalee".
I'm a computer engineer who specialist in using Java.
I work in cloud computing system. and my company's name is "MNL Solution".
so I can install and operate OpenStack for cloud computing.
I like this job.  because my dream was to be a computer programmer.

I'm married. I have a daughter.
She is six years old. Her name is Han Yeji. Han is her family name. Yeji is her given name.
Two years ago, my husband lives in Incheon. I live in Daejeon. My daughter lives in Ilsan with her grandmother. 
so we were a weekend family.
However, I live together with my family in Ilsan now.
So I'm happy.
My hobby is belly dancing and learning English.
I like to learn English because I can talk to foreign people.
In addition I like to dance.
Two years ago I had a salsa performance.
My partner was a foreigner. He came from Australia. However he is South African.
It was very fun. So I will never forget the performance.

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